a conversation with 4 lunatic life coaches about our coaching, life, and advice.
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about us

There’s a magic that happens when four people have a deep, heartfelt conversation. A mixture of unique thoughts, gifts and expression, being made richer by the mirror that is other human beings. This is the alchemy that we “four lunatics” discovered in our weekly chats. It was so good we thought we’d record it and share it with you.


The Café Luna Hour podcast are recordings by four life coaches—Bethany, Caroline, Heidi and Mariamne. We met during Martha Beck Life Coach training, and our relationship has only deepened as our coaching businesses and skills have developed. In May, 2016, we decided to record and share the magic of some of our sessions, and the podcast was born.


Why “Café Luna Hour?” We were looking for a symbol that represented the fearlessness of living from your soul and aligning with the “woo” and Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter came to mind. We kept the “luna” part and added added “cafe” to represent the casual, unstructured nature of a conversation between four friends sitting around with mugs of tea and coffee. Also, we thought calling ourselves the four “luna-tics” was somehow appropriate. Sometimes owning the word that was once your deepest fear of an insult is a power in itself.


Come ride along with us as we chat about our coaching practices, our discoveries, our new techniques and our stumbles. We give you a preview of what we’re working on next for our clients and help each other stay true to finding the magic.

Caroline Watters Photo

Caroline Watters, Life Coach, Speaker & Energy Therapist

Known for her tell-it-like-it-is approach, this foul-mouthed, fiery redhead is incredibly passionate about nature, healing and helping clients to get un-stuck, get motivated, find their true purpose & blaze their unique trail in life (and business)!  You can find Caroline up there in Ontario, Canada, eh! www.carolinewatters.ca

Bethany Bilbrey Photo

Bethany Bilbrey, Life Coach

Bethany is a life coach for women who have lost themselves in the demands of everyday life. They are stuck and don’t know how to move forward. She helps them take bold steps toward new dreams so they can be happy. http://bethanybilbrey.com

Heidi Halstead coach

Heidi Halstead, Life Coach

Heidi is a life coach who uses humor to help others destress and live in the moment.

Mariamne Ingalls Bio Photo

Mariamne Ingalls, Life Coach

You’ve heard of “getting to a new normal?” Mariamne helps people to get to a happier “new weird.” Career transitions, stuck places, clearing a space for their real selves to come through. Specializing in highly sensitive people, people with “too many” interests, and people drowning in corporate misery. And she leads walks in nature. http://www.mariamneingalls.com

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